How do I report my child’s absence?

Please call the school on each day of absence stating the reason why your child is absent. For reasons of child safety we would ask that you telephone the school before 9:00 a.m. to report any absence from school. If we do not receive a message about absence school will contact you and expect a reply the same day.

Regular and punctual attendance at school is a legal requirement and a responsibility shared by parents /carers and the school. The Headteacher is available to discuss any issues or problems you may have regarding attendance or punctuality. If your child’s absence falls below 90%, you will be called to a meeting with the Headteacher. If your child’s attendance falls below 85% the Education Welfare Officer will be informed.

Can I take my child on holiday during school time? 

Changes in legislation from September 2013 mean that school is no longer able to routinely authorise term time holidays for children. Parents requiring leave of absence in exceptional circumstances for their child can apply to the Headteacher who will contact the local authority for advice.

This is Government policy and parents who take their children on holiday without permission will incur unauthorised absences for their child. These remain on the child’s record and will be monitored for further action by the Education Welfare Service. Parents could be issued with a fixed penalty notice and / or court action for unauthorised leave or holidays.

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