Welcome to Baobab Class

Mrs van der Wolf, Mrs Watts and Mrs Wilding (PPA)


On the 8th of November and the 6th of December, the children in Baobab class visited the residents of Mellish House for an afternoon of sharing in the fun of pottery and painting. On the first visit, a potter came to Mellish House to instruct the residents and the children on how to make Christmas ornaments of clay. Some burly snowmen, intricate Christmas trees and beautiful bowls were created that afternoon.

Four weeks later, the other half of Baobab class went to Mellish House to paint and finish the ornaments. Helping each other decide on colours and painting, the residents and children decorated all the ornaments made four weeks earlier. Everyone is now very excited to see what the final products will be, as Adrian the potter took all the art work to be fired in a kiln. It was a wonderful experience for all.



Year 5 in Baobab started with a ‘BANG’ when the children presented the class with their summer shoe boxes, which contained wonderful momentos from their holidays, accompanied by some fantastic stories.

Our topic for Autumn 1 was ‘Eco Warriors’. We explored what it means to be an Eco Warrior and how we can be more aware of the world around us. We watched the film ‘WALL-E’, which added to our understanding of how we must protect the environment around us. WALL_E, the robot, was our inspiration for making our own environment-friendly robots, recycling materials from FCC Environmental. Our motto: reduce, re-use and recycle.

In Maths, we used lots of concrete materials to start off our topics on ‘place value’ and ‘addition & subtraction’ in order to give us a sound understanding of the basics and the strategies we use in these areas of maths.

We also carried out lots of fun maths investigations on our ‘Functional Fridays’.

In History, we learned about the history of Sudbury and followed the amazing Talbot Trail all through Sudbury on our school trip.