Welcome to Cherry Class

Mrs Brinkley, Mrs Dover and Mrs Stainton

Autumn Topic: Celebrations

This is our first term in full time school so Cherry Class will be learning lots of new skills and routines.  We will be focusing on sharing, collaboration and making friends.

This term the theme for our learning in Cherry Class is Celebrations. We will be learning about how we celebrate birthdays, Harvest, bonfire night, Diwali, Christenings, Weddings and Christmas time. We will also be celebrating our own individual talents by holding a special talent show!

Home learning:
Each week we will give suggestions in your child’s contact book for ways in which you can support your child’s learning at home.  In class children are always working on their early maths and literacy skills.  Through games and activities the children are focussing on recognising numbers, careful counting, differentiating between different sounds and recognising Phase 2 letters. The children bring home a phonics folder with 2 sets of letters the children are learning.  There are many suggestions of games in their folder to play at home. For example: pairs, snap, I spy. Reading games and one to one reading can be recorded in your child’s reading log. Playing phonics games and hearing your child read just a few pages each evening will make a huge difference to their confidence in reading.

Here are some other useful games your children could play at home.


Here are some photos of the fun things Cherry Class have been involved in so far this term:

The EYFS performed a Talent Show to all the mummies and daddies. Our singers were fantastic.  It is not easy getting up in front of lots of people and singing, as well as remembering all the actions we learned.

Our hoopers wowed the audience with their talents.
Before the show the children practiced their talents.
The children made posters and tickets too!