Hazel Class
Year 5/6 – Mrs Thompson, Mrs Wilding and Mrs Lewis
Our Autumn Term topics are Eco Warriors and Raging Rivers.

We will be writing story openers and focussing on character and setting descriptions using ISPACE openers to make our writing more effective, adding dialogue to move the action forward. We will be writing river poems using a range of figurative language e.g. personification and we will write a short narrative to accompany the Michael Morpurgo story, Homecoming. We will also get an introduction to William Shakespeare and Romeo Juliet as we begin our Royal Shakespeare Company project.

We will also be honing our grammar skills to recognise and use a wide range of grammatical techniques and practising answering questions from reading comprehensions to ensure we find evidence and information in the text to help support our answers and understanding inference.

Using the White Rose, Maths Mastery approach, we will learn about place value up to 8 digits, rounding, factors and multiples. We will focus on formal methods for the four operations e.g. long multiplication and division and develop our mental maths skills using Maths NinjaWe will be furthering our fluency by challenging ourselves with reasoning and problem solving and practising using our mathematical language.

We will be finding out about the challenges faced by our planet with how we manage our waste and recycling. We will watch WALL-E to help us consider the effect of pollution on our planet and imagine our own solutions to clean up the environment, inventing our own recycled robots. We will learn about the water cycle and rivers in Geography. In Science, we will explore making and recording circuits and find out about the history and impact of electricity. We will also look at our local area of Sudbury and walk the Talbot Trail to learn the history of the town and understand how it has changed. We will also participate in remembrance activities to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One.

PSHE – Connect
We will be exploring our connections to each other, within our school and community and understanding the impact we have upon others.