DT Challenge

This week your challenge is to design, make and evaluate a dish of your choice. You can use a recipe that you are familiar with and adapt it or try something new. You may like to have a themed evening for example dress up in the colours of the Italian flag and design, make and evaluate your own pizzas. You may like to try a new recipe for baking a cake. The choice is yours.


– First discuss your recipe with the adults that you live with and check that you have the ingredients.
– Use the planning sheet to draw a picture of your food design and the amendments that you want to make.
– Find a day in the week to make your food.
– Upload a picture of your food onto seesaw.
– Enjoy tasting your dish.
– Provide your family with the food evaluation sheet.
– Fill in your own food evaluation sheet.

We cant wait to see what you produce.

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