Our Staff

Our team are more passionate than ever to ensure that every member of our community is equipped to be the best they can be.  

Welcome from our Headteacher

Welcome to Pot Kiln Primary School.

This is a very special school which mirrors the positive family relationships we see in our community and beyond, and we care for, and nurture, every single child in our care. We also seek to support our families as we travel together to ensure every child can be the best they can be.

My staff and I will ensure our staff continue to support our children and families during this time of stress and pressure of living with Coronavirus in our society, no matter what comes our way.

Our school is a place of safety and a place where every child belongs to a learning community who is striving to provide the very best experiences, teaching and learning for all, so that when children leave for secondary school, they are ready for the challenges of being successful learners in Year 7.

I will always listen to views and opinions held by parents, carers and the community about our school. I will always act in the best interests of our children. I will serve our school to the best of my ability, because our children deserve the very best of all of us.

Don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns, queries or thanks to share. Do always contact me if you are unsure about any of school policies or routines. Do use our Twitter feed and this website for further information.

Kind regards

Laura Jestico

Headteacher of Pot Kiln Primary School

Our Team

Mrs Jestico
Mrs Lock
Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Gilbert
Assistant Head
Year 4 –
Shackleton Class
Miss King
Reception/Year 1 Potter Class
(Maternity Leave)
Miss Tisbury
Reception/Year 1 – Johnson Class
Mrs Plumb
Reception/Year 1 – Potter Class (Maternity Cover)
Miss Harris
Reception/Year 1 – Rashford Class
Mrs Mitchell
Year 2 – Anning Class
Mrs Castano
Year 3 – Parks Class
Year 3 – 
Attenborough Class
Miss Wood
Nursery  – 
Sheldrick Class
Mr Pemberton
Year 5 – 
Thunberg Class
Mr Quigley
Year 5 – Sheeran Class
Mr Ambrose
Year 6 – Owens Class
Mr Williams
Year 6 – Bowie Class
Mrs Walsh
SENCO Lauren.Walsh@potkiln.net
Miss Bird
Family Liaison Officer

Support Staff

Mrs Barber
Nursery – 
Sheldrick Class
Mrs Eves
Nursery – 
Sheldrick Class
Mrs Hay
Reception/Year 1 – Potter Class
Mrs Dover
Reception/Year 1 – Johnson Class
Mrs Jones
Reception/Year 1 – Rashford Class
Miss Howard
Year 2 – Anning Class
Mrs Riceman
Year 3 – Parks Class
Mrs Bowler
Year 4 – 
Shackelton Class
Mrs Green
Year 3 – 
Attenborough Class
Mrs Curtis
Year 5 – 
Thunberg Class
Mrs Gray
Year 5 – Sheeran Class
Mrs Jefferson
Year 5 – Sheeran Class
Mrs Knappett
Year 5 -Sheeran Class /Year 4 Shackleton
Mrs Elkins
Year 5 – Sheeran Class
Mrs Lewis
Year 6 – Owens Class
Mrs Martin Halls
Year 6 – Bowie Class
Miss Norris
Year 6 – Bowie Class
Mrs Lewis
Year 6 – Bowie Class
Mrs Byfield
Nursery – Sheldrick class
Mrs Wilding 
Year 3 
Attenborough Class
Mrs Tonkins
Year 6 Owens Class Reception/Year 1 Johnson class
Mrs Stearne
Thrive Lead
Mrs Simpson
Thrive, Speech & Language

Office and Site Staff

Miss Henderson
Business Manager
Miss Thomas
School Secretary
Mrs King
Miss Ridley
Mr Allison
Premises Manager