Parent and Toddler

Come and join us on a Thursday morning from 9:30 am to 11:00 am in the school hall, 50p per family.
We are a friendly group run by Mrs Simpson who come together for chat, a cuppa, a biscuit (or two!), play, stories and songs. We share parenting tips with one another whilst our children learn vital social and communication skills.

Come and see what we are all about here at Pot Kiln.

We look forward to seeing you.

A recent questionnaire and analysis of Parent and Toddler by attending parents showed:

* On average 14 children attend Parent and Toddler weekly

* Parents attend in order to meet new people and make friends and so that their children can interact with others.

* Parents enjoy the group because they think it is a fun, lovely environment for the children to interact within. There is a wide variety of toys. It is friendly, local, cheap, relaxed and welcoming.

* 100% of parents said they would recommend Pot Kiln Parent and Toddler Group to others because it is fun, friendly, good value for money and encourages the children to socialise with one another. They found it a supportive group for both parents and grandparents alike.

There is also a positive trend in attainment and progress data of children who have attended Parent and Toddler sessions for two terms or more when entering our Nursery Class.

So…what now?

Parents would like:

* A music area, sensory area, maths zone and drawing area.

* Trips out together

* Sugar free food for adults

* To celebrate children’s birthdays or special events

* A brief introduction into how to get started in Nursery

* A child first aid course

* Visits from the health visitor, school nurse and 999 services to meet and greet

We will keep you updated on how we have put these ideas from our parents into action. Watch this space…or, better still, come and join us and see.

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