The Linguamarque programme provides our school with a structured approach to Primary Languages teaching. We currently hold the Linguamarque Silver Award and are working towards our Gold Award this academic year.  Here you can find all the important information about how we teach languages at Pot Kiln.

MFL Policy 2018-2019

French Day and Father’s Day Breakfast 2019

This year, Pot Kiln celebrated our French Day and yearly Father’s Day Breakfast on the same day, Thursday 13th June. It was a wonderfully fun day, during which lots of French was heard, spoken, read and ‘tasted’!

Children came into school dressed in the colours of the French flag. Many children were joined by their fathers from 08:00 till 08:30 in the morning for the Father’s Day Breakfast, consisting of a drink and a croissant or pain au chocolat, while reading French books, completing French word searches together and listening to French music in the background.

At 09:00, the French Market opened its doors and the French Café was ready for its first customers of the day. In previous weeks, the children from years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 had produced different artistic items, ranging from huge colourful ‘fleurs du soleil ‘(sun flowers), to beautiful ‘pots décorés’ (decorated glass jars with French scenes), to ‘les porte-clés (key rings with colourful French hangers), to educational ‘napperons’ (placemats) with French vocabulary covering different topics. And so much more! At the market, each class had their own stall where they sold their items throughout the day. In the French Café, the children were served by Year 6 pupils and could order (in French, of course) from a menu with a variety of types of ‘aliments’ (food) and ‘boissons’ (drinks). All children were given a pouch with 4 Euros in coins to spend (not real!).

We also welcomed ten Year 7 students from Thomas Gainsborough Secondary School, who supported the children at the stalls and in the café with their French. The TGS students also went into our year 6 classes to speak with our pupils about how languages are taught at TGS and what it is like to go to school there.

During the Assembly at the end of the day, many children said they’d had a great time and had learned a lot. The day ended with Mrs Bowler leading a lovely impromptu number song in rounds. C’était vraiment un jour merveilleux.

European Day of Languages 2018

We had a great day exploring languages, here are some pictures of what we got up to.

Pascal the Punctuality Panther


Summer Half Term French Project

Over the Summer Half term holiday, the children and their families spent time on a creative family project about France. Each class was given a region to research in order to create a model or poster to represent something they found out about that region.
The results were truly amazing and we all enjoyed viewing the projects and the winning designs on Friday 8thJune. Have a look!


European languages Day  – September 2017

European languages day took place on 26th September 2017.
Here is the write up from our website.

If you visited our school today you would have noticed some changes around the place. We had colourful flags hanging in the corridors and hall, flags above classroom doors and the children were dressed in a variety of bright colours. Today has been ‘European Languages Day’. Classes have looked at a  variety of languages which are spoken in Europe and celebrated the diversity of our continent.

Beech class looked at France and made some wonderful French flags and statues of the Eiffel Tower. Holly class also learnt some French.
Hornbeam and Redwood class explored Spain and Mr Stevens shared some of his photos from his summer walking the Camino De Santiago.
Oak class explored a variety of French games and activities and Baobab even made some delicious looking Dutch food.
Willow class learnt some Hungarian and Aspen learnt some key German phrases.
It has been a wonderful day celebrating the diversity and richness of the languages spoken in Europe.
Thank you to Mrs Van Der Wolf for organising such an enriching day.

Here are some photos from Baobab class.

September INFO
Here you can find the latest info about how we will operate when we reopen to all pupils in September.
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