The History of Pot Kiln

Mrs Howard is busy putting together a virtual history of Pot Kiln.
This will bring together all the wonderful memorabilia that has been part of our school community which honours people who have played a part in our school’s history, including paintings and our sports cups.

If you are a past student or member of staff and would like to add your voice to this growing timeline please send us your memories or comments below by leaving a comment.

We look forward to sharing this with you soon.


  • Pot Kiln were the first school in Suffolk to join the Children’s University in Suffolk. They joined in 2017 and their pupils attended their first Children’s University Graduation at Kentwell Hall in June 2019. It was a wonderful celebration. We were joined by a Peacock too!

  • Nazia brooks

    Tyrese,Lewis,Honee and reggie’s mum.. my memories of being at pot kiln school is the year I was in done a dance competition in 1994 (I’m pretty sure there is a certificate in the school around where the office is) In the room right next to the art room underneath it infact (I was in yr4 at the time) we buried a time capsule. On the top playground I was skipping and broke my ankle and lasted all day till I told someone. All my kids have been/are still there, I’m happy all my kids attended the school I did, it’s a fantastic school

  • Catherine DAY

    My 3 children all attended pot kiln from early/mid 90’s.
    My eldest, Sarah, recently contacted and visited Wim in NL, who picked up the ‘message in a bottle’ dropped in the water by Sarah’s class in about ’95! Would the school be interested to follow this up?

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