Covid Recovery

The full impact of school closures due to the corona virus are yet to be fully measured, however we are keen to ensure that the curriculum content the children missed is caught up.

2021 Lockdown

Following the most recent school closures, we have readjusted our curriculum into weekly blocks to ensure that children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a subject and catch up on missed learning. The whole school (from Year 1 upwards) completed PURA and PIMA assessments for reading and maths and these have been used to inform teachers of gaps in the learning and areas of weakness. Every child also completed a piece of independent writing which enabled staff to see what individual children need to do in order to move on in their learning. Following these assessments the headteacher met with all teaching staff to identify trends and interventions that will be necessary in order to minimse the impact of this most recent school closure. 
You can find out more about our remote learning provision by clicking here. 

2020 Lockdown

As a school we follow the White Rose Maths Premium scheme of work to teach maths across all year groups.
In light of the Covid pandemic, White Rose have planned each block and fitted in the content that was missed in the prior year as a result of Lockdown.
Before the objective is taught for this year, the one for the child’s prior year group is taught in the form of a ‘Recap Lesson.’ e.g. In Year 4, the (Year 3) recap objective is ‘Adding two 3-digit numbers – not crossing 10 or 100‘ is taught before the Year 4 objective of ‘Adding two 4-digit numbers – no exchanging.’

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